10 Steps to Help Improve Your Local SEO for Custom Picture Framers


If your online marketing efforts are geared towards local business and driving targeted traffic from neighboring cities then local SEO is what you need to focus on. Local search engine optimization is the best form of online marketing for small business owners; it is quicker than nationwide SEO, less complicated and more useful for drawing local business. Below are 5 SEO tips that will help your company’s web presence and dominate the local search engine listings for the best strategic growth.

Local-SEO-TorontoComplete your whole profile – when taking the time to list your business information to local web directories, search engines and business listings do not skimp out on the pictures and videos. As the saying goes, pictures say a thousand words. Interior and exterior pictures of your business help the consumer feel more comfortable about your listing but if you do not have current pictures available be sure to include basic web images that are targeted to your clients. The more complete the profile is with the proper media the better your listing will appear for the consumers eyes.

Be consistent across the web – make sure you do not get sloppy or lazy and post your business information incorrectly across the web. This includes your phone number, address and website address. The more consistent your profiles and listings are, the more points you get in the search engines listing algorithm.

Relevancy earns you extra – it is great to submit to all the search engines, business listings and directories but not all directories are created equal. It’s very important to only list your niche within directories that are relevant to your business. Industry specific websites and region specific directories help boost you within your industry and local area competition.

Local-SEO-TorontoDo not argue customer reviews – remember, the customer is always right. The worst thing you could do when getting a bad revue is argue with the customer on the web. Not only does this bump the bad review to the top it can make you seem like you just like to argue or are an unfriendly person, even when you are not. First impressions on the web are important and anything but the best impression can drive the customer to your competition. If you give someone a reason to search for another solution, it’s as simple as clicking on another link.

Web presence determines reach – even though you are the largest manufacturer of your product or you can service cities and states for miles, on the web you are only as important as your web presence. Greed will get you nowhere if you are not an authority on the web. Search engines cannot see how much you spent on advertising offline last month, they do not know how respected you are in the community or how much you donated to charity last year unless that information is on the internet. When your web presence grows, so do your profits.

Online marketing is a profitable road to travel down but in order to reach your destination quicker you need to market correctly. These 5 local SEO tips will help your search engine marketing on the web skyrocket not only in impressions but in actions. Even if you are seen all across the web that does not mean people are taking the time to follow through with your company. A clean, professional and consistent web presence speaks loudly to prospecting customers.

What Is Contract Picture Framing and How Can It Save Me Money?


Contract framers are usually large scale picture framers who manufacture frames in a factory like environment. Most picture framers are fairly small organisations comprising one or two members of staff and are unable to meet large scale production demands.

picture-framing-torontoThis is where contract framers come in, a contract framer is a picture framer who can handle larger production schedules and can manufacture picture frames and photo frames to any shape or size.

Because of their larger buying power and the increased production facilities the price is often a lot less than your ‘high street framer’. Most frame manufacturers can make frames in a variety of different woods and/or metals. They should have experience of each stage of the production process and can often help out in the initial design and planning stages.

A lot of contract picture framers offer a ‘fitting service’ too – where your own artwork (be it photo’s, prints or original art) is fitted into the frames as they are made. The benefits of having your images fitted by professional framers are huge, each frame is perfect, there are no bits under the glass and no scuffs or scrapes anywhere on the frame. Often framers will seal the back of the frame with a protective tape.

Plastic frames and MDF frames are often cheaper than their wooden or metal counterparts. They are fine if the frames are for short or temporary use but if you want a long lasting frame that will look good on your customers walls for years to come then you can’t beat wooden frames.

The term ‘contract’ in ‘contract picture framing’ is often misleading. There are not always real contracts to sign just simply orders that are placed, and frames that are manufactured. Simple as that!

picture-framing-torontoWhen the picture is just a photo or print a decision can be made to trim the picture down to fit the frame. If the picture has either monetary or sentimental value trimming it may not be an option and you should seek professional advice about making a new frame for the picture.

If the picture is a print or photograph on paper or mounted to a flat backing board you can accurately measure and mark where you need to cut the picture down and then trim it using a sharp craft knife and a straight edge. A normal picture frame rebate is usually cut with a small allowance of 2mm to make fitting the glass, picture and backing easy. When you are measuring the picture make sure you cut it smaller than the tight rebate size to a allow for the expansion and contraction of the paper over time. It is always advisable to place the straight edge over the picture aligning it with the inside of the line you want to cut along. That way if you slip with the knife the picture is protected and you will cut into the waste section. Trim the picture in several passes gradually cutting through the board or paper.

If the picture you are framing is a stretched canvas and the frame is smaller than the painting you have three options to consider. You could remove the canvas from the stretcher and then cut the stretcher frame down to fit the outer frame and then re-stretch the painting. Another alternative that could be used if the frame is only slightly smaller than the painting is to make the rebate in the frame larger. To make the rebate larger you can use a router but a quick method for small adjustments is to trim the rebate out with a craft knife. Make two cuts with the craft knife, one parallel to the face of the frame using the existing rebate as a guide and then cut down at 90 degrees from the back of the frame. This requires several cuts gradually working down and cutting out a small rectangular section to make the rebate wider. This is a simple technique when the timber is soft but can be difficult when it is hardwood. The third option is to make a new frame the right size.

Sometimes the cost saving of buying a cheap ready-made picture frame, that is nearly the right size, is easily diminished by the added expenses of trimming, mat cutting or re-stretching as outlined above.

What Are The Rewards And Pitfalls of Becoming A Custom Picture Framer?


There was a time when you were desperately looking for picture framers. You still remember how one of your friends in fact ended up realizing that he had made a wrong choice when he had chose a wrong framer.

One thing should be very clear to you that in life there is no short cuts to success. In whatever arena you want to derive success, you should always be ready to walk that extra mile. Be it business, social or daily life, you will find that in every area a certain degree of your own initiatives can help you from undergoing through a lot of trouble. Normally, you will come across a section of customers who fail not because the product was of a faulty nature. The problem lies elsewhere and this can be known when you make a closer analysis of these events.

custom picture framers torontoSo, next time you think of custom frames, you should not believe in various types of hearsay and half baked truths that you come to know. Remember – if you resort to these methods, it’s only you who will be blamed for all failures. After reading this, one thing must be very clear to you that whenever you intend to take such framer, you should do some kind of homework before you decide. This work would not demand enormous efforts from your end. What is needed is a sincerity to walk that extra mile.

For instance, you should take help of a newspaper which fulfills your craving for news, events, happenings, taking place in the world. It is at this place where you will find certain information that will actua lly lead up to be an important source of information to you. If you give a closer inspection to these adverts, you will get vital information like, email address, postal address, a contact number, website address etc. So, when you, for instance, call this telephone number, it will actually benefit you in many ways. The recipient of your call will clearly guide you to select appropriate product. In most cases, such numbers are actually dedicated telephone numbers that are designed to benefit their prospective customers.

So, next time you plan to select poster frames to fulfill your need, do not shy off from calling this number. The recipient of your call will guide you with appropriate suggestion that will actually benefit you. This will also give you freedom to choose after you have got satisfactory replies to your queries. Most of the times, the respondents will leave no stone unturned to ensure there are no doubts in your mind. After you have taken notice of all key areas, the process to arrive at a decision becomes lot easier for you. Moreover, you don’t face any future problems while dealing with such picture frame.

custom picture framers torontoMany framers themselves do not have a lot of experience or expertise in construction or manufacturing frames because they are either self-taught or just buy a lot of their products already cut to size. Then they just assemble the photograph or picture into the frame and sell it for a profit.

As a result, people are finding that their framing jobs are not being completed to their satisfaction. Sometimes they even have to pay someone else to change one or more aspects of their finished frames so that they meet their desires.

Unless you are going to choose a framer who has a great reputation and is a qualified you would be better off finding out how to make frames at home.

You do not have to rely and pay someone to frame your pictures. Why not try to do it yourself?

You can enhance your pictures using colored matting, fillets, liners and a variety of frames. You can purchase a lot of what you need online or at your local hardware store. Some picture framing shops sell components and all you need to make frames.

To get started you can learn a few techniques by taking a frame making class, reading a few books and watching instructional videos.

How To Stretch A Painting On Canvas Using Picture Framers Stretcher Bars


Stretching a painting on canvas is quite easy when you follow some simple steps. When a painting has been done on cheap canvas or some other poor material it is best to seek professional picture framing advice because stretching some pictures is challenging and awkward. In this article you will learn about how to stretch a canvas painting, how to choose and cut a stretcher frame and how to finish off the stretched painting so that you can hang it for display.

Artists have chosen various surfaces for painting on over the centuries ranging from raw plaster walls, wooden panels, paper and fabrics. When an artist paints on fabrics it is usual to prepare the canvas first with a primer. The priming layers are very important when it comes to providing not only the right surface for accepting paint but also to provide a long-lasting support that will not deteriorate easily.

As a quick overview to help you understand the nature of a painting on canvas the steps taken to prepare a traditional canvas are as follows.

The first step was to choose a suitable fabric. Artists preferred to use linen over other fabrics due to its strong fiberous construction and stability. Cotton canvas was a poor second choice when linen was unavailable. the fabric was traditionally coated with a sizing coat made from animal glue or pearl glue. These glues are made from gelatinous materials extracted from rabbit skins and other animal products. The aim of the sizing was to coat each and every strand of the fabric with a layer that when dry would seal and protect the fabric.

Picture-Framers-Stretcher-BarsThe second step was to make a mixture from rabbit skin glue mixed with dead plaster and whiting or chalk. Dead plaster is made by stirring plaster of Paris with water for about half an hour. When you mix plaster beyond its setting time you change the crystalline structure preventing it from drying out and setting like traditional plaster, hence dead plaster. The dead plaster has a different structure than the whiting that is added to the glue to make the artist’s gesso.

The warmed mixture of glue, whiting and dead plaster was then applied to the surface of the pre-sized fabric. Several coats are applied in successive and alternate layers building up a smooth toothy surface that will accept paint. The trick to applying the gesso was to apply a layer and then wait for it to lose its glossy appearance before you applied the next layer. After several layers the canvas was set aside to dry.

Artists would often do this preparation to the fabric after it had been stretched over a supporting frame.

The fabric had first been stretched over a tapered bar called a stretcher bar.

It is important when stretching paintings that you choose a suitable stretcher bar that either has a rounded raised lip or a tapered bevelled profile.

If you just use a flat piece of timber for your stretcher frame you will create problems in the painting later by causing an impression line where the timber touches the back of the picture.

Picture-Framers-Stretcher-BarsModern artists often buy pre-primed artist canvas and linen that has a synthetic gesso coating on its surface. It is even acceptable from a conservation standpoint to use synthetic polyester fabrics rather than linen or canvas. These synthetics are more stable and durable than some of the organic fabrics.

One big problem is with developing countries where artists are unable to obtain quality supports. I often encounter paintings that have been done on cotton bed sheets, hessian bags and tarpaulins. These each present different challenges when trying to make them presentable.

Basically to stretch a canvas that has already been painted on it is necessary to determine whether the fixtures or staples you will use will go on the side or the back of the stretcher first.

The process of stretching a canvas involves either cutting and joining some lengths of stretcher bars into a frame or buying pre-cut slotted stretcher pieces from an art store.

The slotted corners are made with a sliding tenon joint that allows you to tension the canvas further after stretching over the bars. There are several methods of achieving adjustable corners to allow further tension to be applied to the canvas by expanding the corners..

NOTE: If you use a slotted variety of stretcher bar ensure you have it squared up before you stretch your canvas otherwise the painting will be crooked. Measure the diagonals to check squareness.If the frame is a parallel and the diagonal equal then it is square.

Digital Picture Frame Buying Guide


It’s great when you can capture your best moments on camera. The problem arises when you have to choose only one of those moments to display in a picture frame. But when you have a digital picture frame this isn’t a problem. Digital picture framing service allow you to display many images in a slide show format on an LCD screen. They are about the same size of regular picture frames, except the part where you would usually place a picture is where the LCD screen is.

As with most electronics, the features are great, but it could be quite a challenge on deciding which picture frame is right for you. Below is a list of things our product specialists recommend our customers to look for when buying a digital picture frame.

LCD Screen Size: Be sure to consider the screen size of the digital picture frame when purchasing. Typically, the larger the screen size, the easier it will be for you to see details in your images. Buying a frame that is too small might make your pictures hard to see, which detracts from the mere purpose of a picture frame.

Frame Size: Not only should you consider the size the screen; you should find the total size including the frame. Make sure that the frame is of the appropriate size for the area on which you plan to place it.

Memory Card/Stick Compatibility: Check to see which types of memory cards/sticks that the frame is compatible with. You may want one that can read the same type of memory that your digital camera uses. Some digital frames come with built-in memory, but often it isn’t enough to hold as many pictures that a memory card/stick would.

File Type Compatibility: See whether or not the digital picture frame supports the types of images that you plan on putting on it. Be sure that the frame is compatible with the JPEG format, as this is the format in which your camera stores its pictures. Also, you may want a frame that can display more than just pictures. Some models support videos and MP3’s. This may raise the price of the frame, though it could make the picture frame that much more enjoyable.

custom picture framers torontoPicture Framer Style: With all of the things to think about when buying a picture framing service Toronto, you may forget to see whether or not the frame style matches or "fits" with the area you plan to place it in. There are many types of frame designs available, so be sure to find one that "fits." Some digital frames even come with a few types of frame styles that you can interchange.

Included Accessories: Look for the accessories that come with the digital frame such as an AC adapter, interchangeable frames, remote control, USB Cables, etc.


USB (Universal Serial Bus): Connection port on a computer that is universally compatible with many types of electronic devices.

Built-in Memory: Memory an electronic device has within it to save certain types of data without the need of a memory card.

JPEG: JPEG is a most commonly used standard method of compression for photographic images.

AC Adapter: An external power supply for your camera or other electronic device that converts AC (alternating current) from a wall plug to DC (direct current). Some AC adapters also double as rechargers.